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Time for some self care & to think about how you can improve your wellbeing. Find some ideas and West Bay lifestyle suggestions.

Most likely you already know about it, but trust it when we say it, a lot of people with hectic schedules forget about how HYDRATION is important! We suggest to drink at least 2 litters of water, but it also depends on your body and way of life you have. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. We recommend to have a reusable bottle to help to reduce plastic and pollution plus it can add some  jazz to your style with the various designs available today.

 Start your day with a good MORNING ROUTINE; this could be yoga. pilates, meditation, a walk or just simple exercises and stretching. If you are a morning person and like to be active from the time the alarm goes off, we highly recommend a morning run next to the Corniche beach before the sunrise or a work out at the West Bay GYM solo or with the personal trainers.

Did you know that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week? Consider a membership at the GYM with private lessons from the personal trainers that will help to get you in shape and exceed your goals. If you are looking for something more dynamic , consider some water sports or swimming classes.

 It is important to give rest to your muscles & to sleep for at least 8 hours per day, exercise moderately with day breaks in between.  Massages or reflexology  from trained professional also can help to restore balance in the body & mind whilst  relaxing tension built up in the muscles. Do not forget about your skin too with a regular facial scheduled! Immerse in  full tranquility, by ,soothing your nerves and opening your pores  with a bubbly warm jacuzzi and a moment in the sauna. An appointment at the West Bay SPA for yourself or with a bestie / loved one can rebuild both a connection and harmony within the body.

 NUTRITION is the key to a healthy lifestyle and it is important to have a balanced diet. Try to avoid artificial sugars & add more vegetables and fruits to your regular meals, if you cannot stand the taste of some vegs, we recommend to experiment with smoothies and juices and even add nuts or protein alternatives to find your favorite combination.

 Sun, Sand & Sea Breeze is  a complex vibe that is recommended for  some inner joy!  West Bay RESORT, a destination to make a splash, soak some rays, take a slide or dip in the ocean. Whether you relax or make it a wild one  most important is to stay rehydrated, use sun cream and it's recommended to stay under the umbrella in the shade during the hottest hours which are between 12 and 3PM.

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